Number Masking

Convenient Communication Solutions that Ensure Customer Privacy

Korero’s Number Masking Service ensures privacy, a key requirement for businesses in the modern cyber-world.

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What is Number Masking?

A telephone feature that allows displaying a designated phone number on outbound calls, Number Masking ensures customers and employees only see designated caller IDs and not actual phone numbers.

Quickly enable private, Secure End-to-End Communications in Business Workflows

Keeps your User Data Secure

Protects mobile numbers from any third-party snooping

Allows Control of Communication

Route calls according to your business protocols.

Reduces Cost and Expenditure on Individual Phone Numbers

A one-time investment for your business that saves overheads later


Reduces time needed for manually taking care of privacy concerns.

Minimize Abuse

Eradicate the chances of abuse or spam for increased customer satisfaction.

  • 1

    Automatic Initiation

    The system dynamically assigns virtual phone numbers to your employees and customers.

  • 2

    Mobile Number Masking

    Upon request for initiating a call between caller and receiver, the server initiates and connects.

  • 3

    Safe Communication Channel

    The server forwards the call to the concerned executive’s number without revealing their personal number

Endpoint security concerns are becoming a bigger focus for many industries

Real-Time Call Monitoring

Get the best out of our services by having control over real-time events

Anonymous Sessions

Keep your employees’ and customers’ identities safe with anonymity

Easy, Effective and Secure

Leverage the power of a simple yet effective interface that ensures all-round security.


Record, manage and compile call detail reports in real-time

Dynamic Number-Mapping

Dynamically assign a virtual number to your customer or agent.


Reroute the customer call to the next available agent if the first is unavailable.

Endpoint security concerns are becoming a bigger focus for many industries

Cab Aggregators

Allow customers to connect easily over a call with drivers right through the app without exchanging actual phone numbers


Improve e-commerce experience by eliminating need for disclosing customer/agent phone numbers


Buyers and sellers communicate through safeguarded identities


Transform the shopping experience for customers and agents with greater safety & security.

API delivers you unparalleled security and a seamless user experience.

Get the best end-to-end support with Korero’s tailor-made solutions

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