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We understand today’s Challenges

The Banking industry, including retail banks and credit unions, wealth and asset management firms and corporate treasury divisions faces significant challenges.

High Customer Expectations

Customers are expecting secure, answerable and quick-response platforms for their needs

High Cost of Acquisition

Banks would rank reducing costs and improving customer acquisition as their topmost primacies.

Increasing Security Threats

Technology and internet have brought along cyber-crimes and security breaches

Korero solutions tailored to the Banking Industry

KoScan-Marketing Automation

Automate financial campaigns and engage with customers wherever they are.

Targets complete automation and personalization of messaging to defined segments or trigger messages based on user behaviour.

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KoSync-Omnichannel communication

Keep costs down and customer satisfaction high.

Financial services companies encompassing insurance, banks, crowdfunding and money transfers are using programmable communications to deliver a dynamic and engaging customer experience.

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Contexual and Personalized Banking and Finacinal Interaction

Promoting purchases by timely card abandonment reminders

  • Capture your customer’s interest with an attractive offer

  • Engage the user to browse across products and make a purchase

  • Link goes out to different channels

  • Payment done and transaction notification sent to user

Promoting purchases by timely card abandonment reminders

Capture your customer’s interest with an attractive offer

Engage the user to browse across products and make a purchase

Link goes out to different channels

Payment done and transaction notification sent to user

More Use Cases

Deliver Individualized offers

Customize offers based on each customer’s product ownership and transactional data

Automate Cross and upsell recommendations

Enhance sales by moulding offers according to each customer’s product sentiment and income

Trigger contextual communication

Powered by omnichannel AI engine, trigger communications on deposits, renewals and credit card limit augmentation.


Provide a seamless experience to customers at every touch point and life-cycle stage including cognizance, consideration, procurement, servicing and loyalty.

Send timely reminders

Deliver reminders at exactly the right moment to reach out to both new and established customers

Track individual journeys

Follow individual leads and track their journeys to improve upon product search advertisements

Integrate new channels

Evolve with evolving customer habits by integrating voice assistants, chatbots, IoT devices and more into omni-channel banking journeys.

Segment audience precisely

Build upon target audiences with advanced segmentation module that automatically gathers and derives hyper-valuable metrics, like lifetime value, balance, marital status, loans, individual propensities and more – from across data sources and campaigns.

Target AI defined customer

Discover new potential customers using AI-driven look-alike targeting along attributes such as location, transactional history, offer propensities, income and more.

Protect Transactions and customers from threats

Secure customer accounts

Add another layer of security for customer accounts using one-time passwords and two-factor authentication tools

Transactional verification

Verify using OTP SMS on registered mobile numbers and email IDs.

Send out Fraud Alerts

Trigger real-time notifications for validating transactions and confirming suspicious activity for customers in just a few clicks

Data Compliance Security

Align regulations and mandates with your threat detection and response system.

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One of the largest Public Sector Bank
Operations made seamless

One stop centralized messaging gateway to handle PAN India messaging service needs across branches.

Managing cross platform messaging needs

Single stop solutions for inbound and outbound messages

Always there for you

An initiative by Korero to enable seamless banking solutions to unpenetrated customers.


Handling seamless operations across 25000+ branches with centralized messaging services

50,000 +

Messages per second

400 Million +

SMS broadcasting daylong capability

15 years

Archival facility ensuring zero data loss

Future prone system with ability to cater OTT messages sprinting towards new digitalized India


Korero helping India's largest public sector bank to become Atmanirbhar for all messaging needs

  • Accessible and quick messaging services

  • Single platform to handle PAN INDIA SMS needs, enabling ability to send all kind of messaging

  • In-time availability of banking services

  • Banking services through multi-channels

  • Seamless integration across branches


Creating impact for million across the globe

Robust service with scalability to meet future needs using secure authentication system. Adhering to regulatory and internal security audits.

An initiative by Korero to enable innovative banking solutions to the unpenetrated customers.

Engage customers in a relevant, timely, and personal way

over any communication channel they want.

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