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An Easy-to-Use Comprehensive Bulk Messaging Service

  • Personalized campaigns

    Whatever the type of message you are sending, you can add a personal touch to it and augment chances of a one-on-one conversation.

  • Short Message URLs

    Any URL received, preceded by https, can be shortened by the platform with korero platforms. This enhances visual appeal and organization for messages to customers.

  • Smart Address Book and Template

    Our SMS channel allows you to organize personalized contact lists. You can also choose from basic or personalized templates for your campaign.

  • Aggregator MGT

    Managing multiple aggregators becomes easier with Korero with intelligent routing for optimum SMS delivery.

  • Test before launch

    With the Korero platforms, you can cross-check messages to avoid errors, test multiple variations of the campaign and get a live preview before sending out the messages.

  • User-Level Insights

    For better scrutiny of your campaign at various levels, Korero provides access to intelligent links giving insights on user analytics

  • Multiple Campaigns

    You can both create and automate multiple campaigns at the same time, based on events and user behaviour.

What you can do with SMS Platform


Bulk-messaging platform for driving higher ROI for personalized marketing campaigns.


On-premise solutions for secure transactional alerts with an uptime of 99.99%.


A personal touch to communications to enhance engagement

User Verification OTP and SMS Alerts

Guaranteed 5-second OTP delivery time to prevent users from abandoning their action.

Information On-Demand

Interactive messages to take communications to an optimum conclusion


Gamification to enhance customer engagement


Design surveys and feedback polls in the form of SMS for customers

Power of Korero SMS platform


End-to-end encryption both for businesses and end-customers secure your conversations.


Cross-check messages to avoid errors, test multiple variations of the campaign and get a live preview before sending out the messages.

Easy Integration

URL shortening for SMS, easy integration with Business API and much more.


Managing multiple aggregators, smart address books and templates.


Enhancing reach, optimizing relationships and delivering timely performance through scalable architecture.

Best Support

Access to intelligent links giving insights on user analytics, along with all-round support all day long for queries, problem-resolving and redressal.

99% Uptime

On a Private Cloud distributed across multiple data centres for redundancy.

Best In-Class Infrastructure

Paired with the highest level of security for messages processed from this product

Optimal Routing with SMSC

Integration for end-point control in addition to on-net and best available network delivery mechanism

Webhook Support

Real-time updates for making quicker decisions on the routing mechanisms.

Full-featured, extensively documented API

Start sending and receiving messages through a simple HTTP JSON-based API that works in any programming language:

  • C#/.NET
  • Node.JS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python
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