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What is meant by In-App Messaging Channel?

In-app messaging and notifications provide a fantastic way for initiating conversations, sending out notifications and enriching the user’s journey with your service. In-app messages serve as a primary form of communication because they are triggered based on a mixture of segmentation, behaviour and timing.

Enrich in-app messaging for all contexts

Improve user experience with content-rich in-app messages

Push Offers

Offer personalized discounts or special prizes to users to boost retention

Personalized Messaging

Communicate with a personal touch to increase brand familiarity with the customer

Get feedback and Rating

Ensure your customers feel valued by taking inputs and surveys from them


Tell customers you care through customized and efficient reminders

Alerts and Notifications

Allow customers to keep a tab on important activity through alerts from time-to-time

In-App Messaging for different Use-Cases with Different Templates


Have a promotional offer to attract users with? Use our simple header template to instantly design and launch a new campaign


Planning on subtle reminders or updates to keep users engaged? Use our minimalistic footer template for an easy push.


Want to use a rich media feature to add transformative app experience? Engage users with the classic template that lets you add a short summary with media.


Save the best of your exciting offers for our UX-friendly full screen template for maximum attention.

Pop-Out Modal

Ideal for prompting users with a prominent message, use the pop-out modal for significant reminders, updates and advertisements.

Screen blocker

Rich media template, custom banners and flexible design, the screen blocker is ideal for promoting fashion collections, movies, courses, albums and the likes.

Why use In-App Messages?

Increase Life to Value Customer

Establish a long-term relationship with customers with a strong first-impression

Users Onboarding

Use in-app messages to welcome new users onboard, understand their preferences and help them discover the most important features of your app

Open new channels to communicate

Use in-app message to obtain your customer’s permission to send alerts, offers, and updates through SMS, Push, Email, and WhatsApp

Increase App Rating

Ask your customers to rate your app - just after you have delighted them. Win more stars and improve your app’s popularity

Drive referrals and organic growth

Ask your most loyal and contented customers to refer your services to their friends and win more high-quality customers, without spending any extra time

Power of Korero App Push API

Easy to Use

Send in-app notifications containing rich media, like images, GIFs, video or audio, with ease.

Pre-Built Templates

Bring variety and flexibility in your campaign through a variety of pre-built template and element designs.

Personalized recommendation

Customize messages by adding name, location and title and create a stronger impact on the customer.

Drag and Drop Editor

Edit and design your content without the need to write lines of extensive code.

Easy Integration

Smart API for effortless installation and syncing

Localization Support

Built to support diverse languages, needs and customer behaviour across input

Trigger Push Notifications from your Existing Systems using the Korero Messaging Services API

Take control over push notification design and content by seamless integration with your existing system. The Korero Notifications API provides the required technical support for bridging gaps in cross-application syncing.

  • C#/.NET
  • Node.JS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python
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