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Generate leads, collect feedback, share information and track marketing media using our Missed Call Service.
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What is Missed Call Service?

Missed Call service allows user to promote products, create brand awareness and fulfil service requests instantly by responding to missed calls. It is a trending approach for businesses to tap into any market instantly.

How Missed Call Service can help your Business?

Free of cost to the customer

As is obvious, the customer incurs no cost in placing a missed call

Generate Leads

Integrate missed call service with your marketing campaign to generate more leads.

Streamline your Workflow

Use the service to share coupons, activate services, send notifications and much more.


Modify your needs using a variety of actions – another call, a text message, affirmations etc.

Reach Wider Audience

Whether your customer is familiar with the interface or non-tech-savvy, reach out to all with the service.

Build Awareness

Simplify processes with a single button on mobile phonesSimplify processes with a single button on mobile phones

Use Missed Call Solution for Several Scenarios

Track Orders

Allow customers to keep track of their orders with only a missed call.

Conduct Polls

Offer customers participation in polls with different missed call numbers.

Balance Check

Bring in the option of checking account balance with a missed call

Request post-service Feedback

Engage with customers even after offering them services to know their opinion.

User Registration and Verification

Simplify processes with a single button on mobile phones

Missed Call Service Features

Automated Hassle-Free Mode

Get the best out of our services by having control over real-time events

Easily Integrate Missed Call Number with CRM

Keep your employees’ identity safe with anonymity

Fast and Effective

Leverage the power of a simple yet effective interface that ensures all-round security.

24/7 API Support

Maintain privacy of your employees as well as customers.

Integrate and use across industries


Allow customers to opt for services like card activation and bank services with a missed call


Improve e-commerce experience with lead nurturing missed call services.Retail Improve e-commerce experience with lead nurturing missed call services.


Assign virtual contact numbers for all-round customer support


Share coupons, alerts, notification and generate more leads.

API delivers you unparalleled security and a seamless user experience.

Get the best end-to-end support with Korero’s tailor-made Missed Call Services

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