Two-Way Messaging

Interact with your target audience through 2-Way SMS

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What is two-Way Messaging?

Two-Way Messaging is used by businesses around the globe to engage with customers via feedbacks from them based on the content they are sending. The response/replies by customers come straight into the Bulk SMS account and are highly relevant for any business.

How Two-Way Messaging can help your Business?

Initiate global conversations with Two-Way SMS

Build a friendly yet powerful network with customers around the world

Improved response time

Two-way messaging offers you faster response rates compared to email, allowing instant conversations with customers.

Streamline your Workflow

Use the two-way messaging service to share coupons, activate services, send notifications and much more.

Boost customer experience

Send out two ways messages content which are highly relevant to your customer’s experience.

Conversational messaging

Keep customers aware and engaged with messaging that is conversational and familiar in tone

Use 2 Way Messaging
Solution for Several Scenarios

Chat with your customers

Ensure reaching out to customers whenever they want to build better relationships.

Remind them

Send out all reminders related to your e-commerce platform through messages.

Gather feedback

Allow customers to get back to you with feedback over messaging

Create surveys, polls and contests

Engage customers with your business through activities with a simple message

Schedule replies for a specific date or time

Pre-schedule messages to be sent out on specific occasions or events

Two-Way Messaging features

Cross functional use

Expand the horizon of your business with two-way messaging that requires no additional applications or software

Easy Integration

Pick one interface option for our wide range including web interface, APIs, HTTP, etc with swift and hassle-free integration

Fast, Effective, Secure

Quick deployment with a user-friendly platform that offers authenticated experience.

Proven and Trusted Expertise

Team of trusted messaging experts who support customers across multiple industries daily

Multi-lingual messaging

Reach out to more customers using local languages powered by our platform

Endpoint security concerns are becoming a bigger focus for many industries

Banking Support

Allow customers to opt for services like card activation and bank services via two-way messaging


Improve e-commerce experience with lead nurturing two-way messaging services


Send out coupons, alerts, notification and generate more leads with a simple message


Assign customer care support to resellers using our messaging platform

API delivers you unparalleled security and a seamless user experience.

Get the best end-to-end support with Korero’s tailor-made Missed Call Services

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Engage customers in a relevant, timely, and personal way

over any communication channel they want.

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