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Drive sales on autopilot across multiple-channels using a single automation platform. Get started in minutes with an incredibly easy setup.


An Omni-Channel Platform in a Crowded Market

KoScan Marketing Automation Platform is packed with powerful tools that enable you to create automated marketing campaigns that look at the business and generate qualified leads

Multi-channel Engagement

Marketing services across multiple channels to help you build engagement, wider reach and relevance.

Journey Designer

Designing an automated journey to marketing success with the help of flow building, seamless integration and controlling/scaling environments.

Campaign Localization

Specific and targeted campaigns based on demographic controls

Customer Retention

Send personalized communication at every touch point to control attrition.

Product and Campaign Analytics

Assessing the performance of your products across markets and optimize your campaigns based on the analytics.

Deliver engaging experience for every
use case with Automated Marketing

  • Analyse

    Analyse flows and engagement data to keep an eye on the low engagement and exit points of the customer journey.

  • Segment

    Build segments seamlessly by filtering every prospective property and demographic data like past behaviour, purchased history, likes and dislikes.

  • Engage

    Create user journey and push them to the next step on their preferred channel through automated journey builder.

  • Personalize

    Delight your customer with real time product and content recommendation for increased engagement.

KoScan’s Customer Data Platform for Smart Segments

Our Customer Data Platform (CDP) both collects and structures real-time data into individual, centralized customer profiles. Our unified customer database boosts CRM and DMP, transactional systems, web forms, email and social media activity, website and e-commerce behavioural data, and more. The KoScan CDP stands out by:

  • Segmenting your audience through data management

  • Integrating first, second and third-party data, lending a 360° view on your customer base

  • Leveraging AI to create powerful predictive models to improve ROI.

  • Improving conversion and engagement through hyper-targeted personalized experiences.

Lets automate your marketing efforts with readymade templates

Use KoScan’s visually appealing templates tailored for a variety of use cases across industries and needs


How Marketing Boosts your Business

We do not just automate customer journeys, but also promise higher efficiency of output in the form of visible results. With our efforts, you can be sure to

Increase CLTV

Use data analysis to deliver to the customer what they need in real-time, thus ensuring enhanced customer lifetime value.

Drive Revenue

Automate marketing campaigns directed at target audiences on their preferred channel to get more leads and conversions.

Increase Engagement

Live up to customer expectations by sending them personalized communication and offers, thus building engagement across platforms

Scale up and Save Time

Automate entire journeys across markets on a scale of choice to save time and effort.

Exclusive Try and Buy Model

Experience our solutions before buying. Our try and buy model lets you use it, configure it and play with it.


Integrate and use across Industries


Ensure genuine buyers and sellers with our powerful mechanism



Reach out to the right market and tailor to their needs in real-time.


Online and Offline Retail

Enrich the e-commerce experience for your customers and you with targeted campaigning.


Banking and Financial Services

Explore KoScan’s automation services to prevent fraudulent transactions


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KOSCAN Advantages

Omnichannel Engagement

Our extensive channel portfolio allows you customized messaging over customers’ preferred channel, with timely delivery.

Global Reach

With 20 billion+ transactions per year, KoScan offers direct global connectivity with leaders who trust our services

Easy Integration

Use a single API for all channels to integrate with 20+ service platforms and multiple deployment models

24/7 support

The KOSCAN team is available round-the-clock for various kinds of queries, discrepancies and tips.

Scalable, Fast and Flexible Solutions

Designed to adapt to the ever-changing market trends, our solutions assure such speeds and levels of precision that only in-house solutions can offer.

Intelligent Inside

The powerful AI engine recommends campaigns and channelises Identity Enrichment, besides ensuring Marketing Consolidation, Personalization and Fraud Detection.

Engage customers in a relevant, timely, and personal way

over any communication channel they want.

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