KoPremise - On-Premise Enterprise Message Gateway

Employ the Gateway

Korero On-Premise solution handles the complete management of SMS delivery without exposure to external infrastructure.


A Centralized On-Premise Messaging Platform across all departments & applications

The implementation caters to the entire SMS requirements of the organization, with a focus on maintaining consistency across all the departments. The application will process the outbound as well as inbound SMS. The native application reduces the processing cycle, reduces the dependencies on external infrastructure and eliminates any potential of compromising user information.

Department User Approval Workflow

Access approval flow can be configured as per the organization hierarchy to ensure access to provided to authorized personnel.

Campaign Approval Workflow

Comprehensive process flow can be configured as per the ladder of review & approval procedure in place

Template Management

Control the content sent to your customers and manage the repository of the approved content.

Contact Management

Collate and segment customer contacts for better reach & targetted campaigns.


Find detailed logs to keep track of individual deliveries. Analyze summary reports based on department, application, or any configurable distinguisher.

Secure application with no scope of failure

  • Authentication

    The application verifies all requests using the latest authentication mechanism. Only Authorized IPs can send requests to add another layer of security.

  • Scalability

    Planned scalability to satisfy existing volume as well as future needs.

  • Redundancy

    Duplicate infrastructure serves the dual purpose of load balancing and disaster recovery.

  • Regulations and Security Audits

    The application is configured as per the latest regulatory guidelines and the organizational security policies.

KoPremise - Case Study

Korero helping India's largest public sector bank to become Atmanirbhar for all messaging needs Accessible and quick messaging services. Single platform to handle PAN INDIA SMS needs, enabling the ability to send all kind of messages. In-time availability of banking services. Messaging services through multi-application - CRM, ATMs, Online Banking etc. Seamless integration across branches.

  • Handling seamless operations of one of the largest public sector bank across 25000+ branches with centralized messaging services

  • 50,000 + Messages per second

  • 400 Million + SMS broadcasting daylong capability

  • 15 years Archival facility ensuring zero data loss

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