Scalable service to deliver and track your application emails

Deliver your emails on time and analyze the performance with detailed analytics

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Power customer notifications with Lightning-fast Email Delivery using Korero

  • Personalized Engaging Emails

    Effortlessly personalize communications starting from contact-based to more advanced options

  • Easy, Effective Design Tools

    Our drag-and-drop content editor makes it a breeze to create campaigns with dynamic content blocks

  • Optimize Opens and Clicks

    Get ample technical guidance and support to ensure relevance and high deliverability

  • More Power in Real-Time

    Derive meaningful insights to understand your email activity

  • Subscriber Management

    Manage your subscription and avoid spam reporting by keeping track of unsubscribes

  • Domain Management

    Manage your DNS configuration with our domain management and make sure your emails are delivered as per delivery protocols

What you can do with Email API

Send Transactional Message

Delivering to customers purchase confirmation and shipping details

Authentication Request & other Critical Updates

Alerts, reminders and updates to customers along with authentication requests for password resets

Schedule and Send out Advanced Email Campaigns

Keeping the customer in touch with your activities and ideas with a managed campaign

Broadcast Email Campaigns to anyone on your list

Reach out to your contacts to deliver newsletters and other promotions

Trigger Emails Based on Purpose

Ensure constant monitoring and instantaneous replies like account information

Set up Email Automation

Save time and efforts by automating the email campaign for customers

Power of Korero Email API


Helps grow email volume and ensure reliable delivery

Easy Integration

Caters to all market use cases with developer experience in focus


Logs, summary reports, tagging and filters to save time


Grow your email volume at scale and deliver reliably

Fast Email Processing

A matter of seconds before you send out bulk emails

Encrypted Communication

All-round secure email interface between businesses, applications and customers

Detailed Reporting

Logs and summary reports are available for 90 days. Tagging and filters will help you find the relevant segment within the reports

Integrate quickly & send messages efficiently

Send instantaneous, trigger-based communications from your application to customers

Intelligent email marketing

Manage your campaigns conveniently and utilize our analytics to understand your customer behaviour

Full-featured, extensively documented API

Start sending and receiving emails through a simple HTTP JSON-based API that works in any programming language:

  • C#/.NET
  • Node.JS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Python
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